Saturday, August 15, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] collective genius

Nina et al

two more cents makes 6 ( we are never going to get
a prime number this way)

you point out there are different kinds of collaborative stuctures that
do not all function in the same way= one way of breaking down
the types is"

* Creative Friction: flow of ideas, metaphor=the collaboration is not
necessarily mutual between individuals or groups= innovation and creativity
theory discusses importing ideas from outside ones one context as a way
to enabling innovation. The san ta fe workshops on articial life organised
by chris langton..Art and Cognition orgnised by Bec and Biagini

* Collaborative teams: Shared resources for common outcome
o eg E.A.T production of nine evenings=includes peoples from
different disciplines ( in the case of EAT artists and engineers)

* Consortia:
o Shared resources for multiple outcomes. This is a common mechanism
in european Culture funding= forcing groups from several countries to team in
a consortium strucutre
o eg EMobilart as a consortium of collaborative teams

* Collectives:
o Shared access to resources

eg L Smarr, UCSD Supercomputing Center=but roy ascott's
planetary collegium network of phd programs also is of this kind

* New Leonardos/ Renaissance Teams:
o Explicit simultaneous Art, Science, Innovation outcomes= where the
collaboration results through joint work -outcomes that are used in different
contexts= eg david dunn/james crutchfield and their work on ultrasound from
trees, more recently the work of Brandon Ballangee and scientists on frogs,
donna cox's work with meteorological and other scientists.

different collaboration structures/mechanisms presumably lead to
'collective genius' or radical innovation in different ways

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