Saturday, August 8, 2009

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Dear ASCI Members & Colleagues:


Arctic Circle 2009 Education and Outreach Opportunity:

The Arctic Circle program, a series of artist and scientist-led
expeditions to remote and fascinating destinations, seeks expressions
of interest from educators, at the high school level, to participate
in the educational component of The Arctic Circle 2009 (Oct 5th- 22nd,

Arts and/or Science educators may join this pilot project where
classrooms will correspond with the expedition crew comprising 18
international artists, architects, and scientists.

The Arctic Circle 2009 Education program will encourage a discourse
between the student-- the educator--the artist--and the scientist.
The procedure will involve email correspondence (questions and
comments from classrooms) to be published on The Arctic Circle Blog,
leading up to and during the expedition, and responded to by our crew
so we may explore, together, the many topics of interest that we will

Ideally, we will look for the opportunity to communicate with
collaborating art and science classrooms from the same school.

Communication will be accomplished during the expedition via satellite
communication. The Blog will be updated daily.

Educators interested to become involved are asked to email a brief
letter of interest and introduction (~150-300 words) before Sept 10th,
2009 to

Those selected to participate in this pilot project will be given a
full set of guidelines on how to participate.

There will be a network of ~30 educators selected for this project
from North America, the EU and Asia.

Questions may be directed to
Program details may be seen at
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