Wednesday, August 19, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] New Publication Available Now: Rethinking Learning - Museums and Young People

*New Publication Now Available
Rethinking Learning: Museums and Young People*

This new book contains practical, inspirational case studies written by
senior museum and gallery professionals and academics from the USA, Europe
and Africa. Examining best practice, it shows how imaginative, responsive
services for children and young people can have a transformational effect on
a museum and its visitor profile as a whole.

Authors recount how, for example – as a direct result of their focus on
young people – attendance has increased by 60% in three years; membership
has reached record levels; and repeat visits have grown from 30% to 50%.
Many of the environments in which these services operate are particularly
challenging: the city community where 160 different languages are spoken; a
remote location whose typical visitor has to travel 80 miles; the museum
which targets children with challenging physical, mental or behavioural
needs – and whose experience demonstrates that museums are uniquely placed
to serve them.

This is an essential book not only for those working with children and young
people, and for those in any way concerned with heritage policy, strategy,
marketing and growth.

More information, including full contents and reader reviews, may be found

The book is available to order online now for immediate delivery, from:

Publication details
ISBN: 978-0-9561943-0-5
Binding: Paperback
Published by: MuseumsEtc
Pages: 240
Price: £29.95 [including shipping]

MuseumsEtc | Hudson House | 8 Albany Street | Edinburgh | EH1 3QB | UK
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