Saturday, August 1, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Ethnic Cyborg

Dear Yasminers,

The Ethnic Cyborg discussion is over in Yasmin Discussion list.
Although it looks a bit retro concept today the discussion showed that
the topic has many facets worth to think on.
Harraway-like point of view was kind of dominant as a more framed
approach, at least in the beginning.
Then the discussion turned out more about the definition and
boundaries of the concept.
Our question in mind was if we can talk about a new understanding of
cyborg with all the ubiquitous technology around us and the new
technologies -digital or not- embedded in, attached or remotely
connected to our bodies. May be more than a created/made machine, the
evoluation of Therefore we add the sub question of 'ethnicity'. The
roots the communities and traditions of living together versus the
changing bodies and perceptions.
It is really difficult to classify the discussion Hence I collected
the mails together and save as a pdf file for an easier re-reding. It
is attached.
I like to thank to roger malina for offering this topic which was very
beneficial to (un)Cyborgable - amberConference as well as I believe
for the SuperHuman symposium - Anat.
I also like to thank all yasmin editors and moderators for keeping the
discussion alive which is not an easy job.

all the best

ekmel ertan
skype id: ekmelertan

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