Monday, August 10, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] your moderator this week & LEF@ISEA2009

Hello Yasminers,

this week I, Nina Czegledy will be your moderator.
I would like to take this opportunity to invite those
of you who come to Belfast to ISEA2009 to join us
at the LEF@ISEA2009 public meeting.

Participants of or previous LEF events (Mutamorphosis,
re: place07, ISEA2008 and ARS2008) contributed to the first
LEF strategic summary. We intend to continue this practice
aiming to work towards a thematically linked joint policy paper.

Please indicate your interest in joining us and we will send you
further information.
Looking forward to see you at one or more of the LEF events


Nina Czegledy, Daniela Reimann

LEF@ISEA2009 Belfast
15th International Symposium on Electronic Art
August 29, 2009, 13.45- 16.45h
BT Riverside Tower, Groundfloor

13.45 Welcome
Kerstin Mey Director of Research Institute of Art and Design,
University of Ulster. Artistic Director ISEA2009
Nina Czegledy LEF co-chair

13.55 Keynote Andrea Polli, Director, Interdisciplinary Film and
Digital Media Program, University of New Mexico,
LEF outgoing co-chair

14.15 LEF international initiatives & the White Paper
Nina Czegledy, Senior Fellow KMDI, University of Toronto
Adjunct Associate Professor, Concordia University, LEF co-chair

14.35 Introduction to LEF working group session
Daniela Reimann, University of Art and Industrial Design, Linz
LEF correspondent, Germany

14.45 Working groups
1. The Role of Research in media art & science & technology
2. The role of Curricula: Mapping the terrain
3. The role of Institutions: Institutional / Organizational
Capacities and Benchmarks

16.15 Summary.

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