Monday, August 10, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] collective genius


here is another line of thought on simon's challenge on
whether collaborations can display "genius' or not

some forms of contemporary creativity= involve close
coupling of a human with a software=that co evolves
as the human interacts and develops the software

artist roman verostko, who received a SIGGRAPH Art Prize
this year

has always claimed that as he developed his computer
drawing system, the machine started generating ideas that
he would never had had by himself, and that at some point
he felt the machine/software became a kind of collaborator

Artist harold cohen
has work of a related nature

william Latham and his work on evolutionary art
also make claims about co-creation

in a recent article in science Ross King and co authors write
an interesting report on The Automation of Science

We report the development of Robot Scientist "Adam," which advances
the automation of both.
Adam has autonomously generated functional genomics hypotheses about
the yeast Saccharomyces
cerevisiae and experimentally tested these hypotheses by using
laboratory automation. We have
confirmed Adam's conclusions through manual experiments. To describe
Adam's research, we have
developed an ontology and logical language. The resulting
formalization involves over 10,000 different
research units in a nested treelike structure, 10 levels deep, that
relates the 6.6 million biomass
measurements to their logical description. This formalization
describes how a machine
contributed to scientific knowledge

They explain how hypotheses can be proposed either by the machine or the human

they claim that the work of Adam is 'non trivial' and in one case they
have solved
a 50 year old puzzle in gene encoding

it is perhaps early days for such human=machine collaborations to
display "genius"
but why not ?

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