Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Collective Genius


At Roger's suggestion I am resending this since it apparently appeared blank


I looked up Genius in Skeat's Etymological Dictionary and it says
genius, inborn faculty. tutelar spirit of anyone. 'inborn nature'
allied to genus.

Not sure whether that helps at all.

David Haley uses the following definition of art which is more useful,
though it bypasses the individual/group issue completely

Living things need to re-invent themselves to stay alive. As dissipative
structures, far
from equilibrium, our cells know how to reproduce through autopoeisis,
or self
making. Now, as an artist, I find the idea of this capacity for making,
or creating very
interesting. Indeed, the root of the word Art is rt. Coming from the
Indian Rg Vedas,
it means the dynamic process by which the whole cosmos continues to
create itself,
virtuously. (from The Next Generation, performance at CIWEM)

Tim Ingold and Elizabeth Hallam (anthropologists) in their introduction
to Creativity and Improvisation argue that we construct our experience
of creativity based on which way we are looking in time: If we are
looking back on events then we tend to see innovation and sharp
discontinuities; but if we are looking forward we see improvisation.


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