Monday, August 10, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] special issue of third text

A number of YASMINERS have texts in this special issue

A Special Issue of Third Text has just been published focusing on the
development and current state of new media arts in under-represented
regions and contexts of the world. Work by Hobbs/Neustetter and Marcus
Neustetter are featured in Analogue and Digital Anecdotes and Artworks
from South Africa
You can find it in bookshops, libraries and online
( ~db=all~content=g912391250).

Third Text (
Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art & Culture
Volume 23 Issue 3 2009
MEDIA ARTS: Practice, Institutions and Histories
Guest Editors: Sean Cubitt, Jose-Carlos Mariategui and Gunalan Nadarajan
ISSN: 1475-5297 (electronic) 0952-8822 (paper)
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