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[Yasmin_announcements] PERFORMANCE IMAGES

**Apologies for any cross-posting**

Colleagues and friends

Please find below a link to view and download images from our most recent site specific, durational performance in Penzance, entitled 'Untying the Knot'. You will not need to register to 'Steekr' to access the files... just open the folder, click 'select all' and either click the 'Slideshow' tab or click 'Play'. You can also download the images by clicking 'Download'. The images are labeled 1-31 to correspond with the order of the performance (the slideshow starts on the last image strangely).

We would like to thank Oliver Sutherland, Brigitte Ariel Newman, Frances Williams, Tim Crowley, James Harvey, Ian Whitford and Alison Sharkey for documenting the performance so thoroughly, it made editing a real challenge.

We would also like to extend our thanks to all those people that kindly donated clothing (800 in total), and everyone that helped out before, during and after the performance, as without your help we wouldn't have been able to gone ahead with it or realised it as we had expected... thank you. A special thanks to Andy Wheeler, his boatman colleague, Rebecca Weeks and Ian Whitford for their help and support, Patrick and Jane Lowry, Ramon Vallejo, Tom, John Stanbury, Alexandra Glanville, Hilmare Hotz, Adrian Sellers, John Christie, Sam Kirby, Bernie and Andrew Munson. Our thanks also goes to everyone who joined us and contributed on the day.

Thank you

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Best Wishes

Paul Carter & Alexandra Zierle

Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter
Live Artists, Curators & Project Managers

Directors of Live Art Falmouth

Co-Directors of LAP (Live Art Plymouth) - 5th, 6th, 7th March 2010

Members of The Western Alliance

124 Longfield, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK TR11 4SR
Tel: +44 (0)1326313636
+44 (0)7800640888

From: Alexandra Zierle and Paul
Carter []
Sent: 15 July 2009 20:34
Subject: THIS SATURDAY- 'Untying
the Knot' performance at Insite Live Art event

Dear friends and colleagues,

You are most welcome to attend the following:

This Saturday (18th July) in Penzance, Zierle and Carter will be performing their latest site specific performance piece Untying the Knot.

They will be on the Penzance promenade throughout the day from 10am - 9.30pm, exploring faded relationships/friendships, connections with people that over time have been lost or broken.

This visually alluring and memorable performance will invite the audience/passers by to actively contribute, creating a continually expanding trail of 'remembrance' using 600 items of clothes that have been donated, creating a trail a few hundred metres long. At around 7pm, on the beach opposite The Beachfield Hotel the trail will be transformed through a symbolic act. The work will build towards its finale at sunset at 21:21. Wine, juice and delights will be served.

Please bring your binoculars and suitable clothes for all weather conditions!

Untying the Knot is part of a free one-day performance art trail for the Insite event (more information below), that has been co-organised by six contemporary performance artists: Rebecca Weeks & Ian Whitford from Art Dept in Penzance, Andy Whall and Delpha Hudson based in Marazion, and Paul Carter and Alexandra Zierle.

We do hope that you can make it on Saturday and look forward to receiving your contributions,

Best wishes

Paul & Alexandra


General information on Insite:

You are cordially invited to attend a free one-day programme of live art in Penzance.

Gain an insite into live art…

Insite is an exciting
opportunity to experience a free one-day programme of innovative site-specific live art in public spaces across Penzance.

The projects ambition
is to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds and to encourage a sense of
involvement with live art. The event has been kindly funded by FEAST. FEAST is
funded by Arts Council England South West and managed by the Cornwall County
Council's Creative Unit.

When: Saturday 18th July

Where: Penzance, Cornwall

The day's intriguing programme will comprise of...

Rebecca Weeks & Ian Whitford's alternative
'De-Tour' of Penzance's Causewayhead and Chapel Street shopping districts,
recounting stories from those that live and work there.

Object readings by the mysterious Dr. Cosa Chosisme
at the Jubilee Poolside Cafe.

An all-day alluring & memorable performance
along Penzance's promenade, concluding with a sunset finale on the beach
(opposite The Beachfield Hotel) by Paul Carter & Alexandra Zierle. Bring
your binoculars for the finale!Andy Whall's performance/lecture 'Blocart', a
unique fusion of bouldering climbing techniques and live art phenomenological

Programme Details

'Untying the Knot', Penzance Promenade (opposite the Grand Casino Amusements) -
10:00am - 9:30pm (Sunset)

'De-Tour', Top of Causewayhead to St Mary's Church - 2:00pm - 3:10pm. Meet at 1:50pm outside
Sean's Diner

'Object Readings', Pool side Café, Jubilee Pool -
2:20pm - 4:20pm
Refreshments and buffet, Union Hotel, upstairs lounge bar, Chapel St - 5:30pm-6:20pm
'Blocart', Exchange Gallery 'Engine Room' -
7:00pm - 8:00pm

You can choose to attend the
performances independently or accompany Ian and Rebecca on their tour of
Penzance and the other artist's works from 2pm till 9.30pm

Printed programmes are also available at the Exchange Gallery Penzance from the

All events are free to attend with no booking necessary. There will also be a free buffet provided at the Union Hotel Penzance, in their upstairs Lounge Bar.

The map of artworks and tour locations is attached.

Insite has been co-organised by Rebecca Weeks, Ian Whitford, Paul Carter, Alexandra Zierle, Andy Whall, and Delpha Hudson

For more information:

Contact Rebecca Weeks
Mobile: 07916165560

Thank you kindly for taking the time read and consider this event,

Yours truly

Paul, on behalf of the the Insite Team

(Rebecca Weeks, Ian Whitford, Paul Carter, Alexandra Zierle, Andy Whall, and
Delpha Hundson)

Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter
Live Artists, Curators & Project Managers

Directors of Live Art Falmouth

Co-Directors of LAP (Live Art Plymouth) - 5th, 6th, 7th March 2010

Members of The Western Alliance

124 Longfield, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK TR11 4SR
Tel: +44 (0)1326313636
+44 (0)7800640888
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