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>Subject: [Ada_list] Making history at ISEA

>History will be made at ISEA 2009 in Belfast, by participants in the project
>'Making history'.
>You are invited to participate by going to,
>reviewing the information and then voting for one of four nominated dates.
>Each nominated date is a selected moment of unity from Irish history. The
>most voted for date will be incorporated into the history of internet
>micronation, the District of Leistavia.
>The four dates are:
>1 November 190BCE Samhain festival
>21 April 1006 Brian Boru, Easter
>10 August 1976 Start of Peace People
>12 March 2009 Call to wear purple for peace
>For more information about the dates, go to the website. The winning moment
>will be announced at 6.15pm 29 August 2009 at Golden Thread Gallery in
>Belfast, Ireland.
>Voters do not need to be Irish or live in Ireland as the Leistavian
>constitution voted for in 2004, dictates that cultural borders are open.
>However the information will be tracked to find out whether there is any
>difference between the voting of the Irish and that of the international
>For those in Belfast, there is an installation at Golden Thread Gallery.
>This project is supported by Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki,
>ISEA 2009, Golden Thread Gallery, Sign Design NZ, Syntax Solutions and
>Ian M Clothier
>Intercreate Research Centre
>New Plymouth, New Zealand
>South Pacific Ocean
>P= +64 6 753 2969
>F= +64 6 753 2969
>S= ian_clothier
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