Saturday, August 8, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Bulat Galeyev Symposium in Kazan


Information letter

Dear colleagues!

"Prometheus" Center cordially invites you to take part in "Galeyev
Readings" in Memoriam of the outstanding scientist and artist, a
theorist and practical worker in the field of light-music, Bulat
Makhmudovich Galeyev (1940-2009), whose 70th anniversary will be
celebrated on October 2, 2009.
During "Galeyev Readings" which will take place in Kazan from 1 to 7
of October 2010, it is planned to hold a conference, an exhibition and
a festival, on the following subject-themes:

1. In Memoriam:
- B.M.Galeyev – a theorist and practical worker of new art;
- B.M.Galeyev's contribution to the formation of public opinion on the
ways of synthetic arts development.
2. A history, theory and practice of light-music.
3. A theory and practice of new arts, which appeared at the border of
new millennium ("Son et Lumiere" performances, video-installations,
performances, laser and computer art and so on).
4. Philosophers' and psychologists' views on synaesthesia, its
manifestation in literature and fine art.
5. Light and sound in architecture.
6. Light and sound in technique. Light-sound methods of indication and
correction of man-machine system state.

It is planned to publish conference book till the conference starts.

As it is necessary to provide organizing and finance funding, premises
and publications, we cordially ask you to send your applications till
September 15, 2009. Please indicate the title of your paper and, if
possible, some information concerning planned exhibits and art works.

An application form includes: a title of paper; a description of
exhibit or festival art work; applicant's name/surname; place of work;
position; academic degree; academic status; home address, e-mail,
Application is to be sent either by e-mail to:
Or to the office address:
Russia, 420111, Kazan, K.Marks Str., 10,
Tupolev's KGTU, "Prometheus" Center.

We'd be grateful on helping us to get in touch with other specialists
on the above-mentioned subject-matter.

Contacts: Tel: (843) 238-62-73, (843) 231-01-55;
Fax: (843) 236-53-31
Organizing Committee

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