Monday, March 2, 2009


Hi fascinating to see the earlier emails.

It is important to note here that ideas are not copyrightable - this is
something that needs to be stated as it is a basic mistake that is often
made. Once an idea takes material form (expression) then if you want to
defend it you have it.....
But that is copyright
art is not patentable -= though business ideas and methods in some countries
are....and it can cause a lot of controversy. It has meant for eg British
Telecom trying to patent and stop other people using the click mechanism on
the keyboard. It would also mean, if you wanted to argue it, that the first
person who decided to use a dance notation or an alphabet could ask everyone
else to pay this really what we want?See for eg the many debates
and campaigns against software patents.
Another question which is relevant here: Isn't art already about making
something new? Why does the name inventor need to be added? I

For this discussion the terms of reference - the basic legal position - is
very important. I can point to some websites that show the differences
between copyright, patents, trademarks and design rights - if this is
helpful. see for eg.

best wishes
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