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>Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 15:21:09 +0100
>CIANT LAB 2009 Arts Research Residencies
>Media artists from the Czech Republic and beyond, are invited to
>apply for a three-month arts research residency at CIANT LAB in
>Prague, Czech Republic, between April to end of 2009. The deadline
>for applications is Friday the 3rd of April 2009.
>Artists are offered a media laboratory space, a payment of 1000 EUR
>per month and access to lab equipment and technical support. The
>emphasis for this residency is on collaborative research and
>development in the field of networked/distributed performance.
>Presently, two positions are on offer: A. Area of 3D modeling (3ds
>MAX), avatar creation and integration with motion capture systems
>driven virtual environments, B. Area of interactive sound creation
>(max/MSP, PD, etc.).
>CIANT | International Centre for Art and New Technologies
>(<> is a non-profit
>art/science organization with an artist residency, commissions,
>research, production, promotion, and training programs. CIANT has
>worked with over 400 artists in the last couple of years supporting
>interdisciplinary practice, mobility and exchange. CIANT LAB engages
>with artists and researchers to produce work that challenges use and
>impact of emerging technologies in arts, culture and society.
>Selection criteria: The ability to research, interpret and present
>innovative ideas. Experience in the field of networked/distributed
>performance. Experience in public presentation of completed work and
>its proper documentation. Experience of working on fixed term
>residencies with deadlines.
>To apply please provide the following:
>- Project description, Artist Statement and CV
>- Supporting materials/documentation of previous work.
>Please send your application to: CIANT (Attn: Pavel Sedlak,
>Vice-Director), Kubelikova 27, 13000 Prague, Czech Republic.
>Applications via email will be accepted but must have the Subject:
>"CIANT LAB 2009 Residency Application". For more information about
>this opportunity and application process please email
>DEADLINE: Friday 3rd of April 2009, 11 PM CET. Selection will take
>place before the end of March, all applicants will be notified
>shortly after that.
>Equal Opportunities
>CIANT seeks to ensure that no present or potential member of our
>staff or project participants will be treated less favorably than
>another on the grounds of age (up to statutory retirement age),
>class, colour, disability, ethnic origin, gender, marital status,
>political persuasion or sexual orientation. CIANT LAB premises have
>limited access. However, we aim to ensure that as many of our
>activities are as accessible as possible. If you have any particular
>access needs, please contact us.
>Association registered in the Czech Republic No. 69061998.
>Join us also at:
>CIANT will run a conference session at SCIENCE BEYOND FICTION: THE
>on Wednesday, April 22, 2-3.30 PM, with accepted title "Bridging the
>Gap between Brain and Machine: New Challenge for Art and Science".
>We will discuss state-of-the-art and future of BMI (brain-machine
>interface) technology.
>Featured current research and co-production projects:
>1. GAMA - Gateway to Archives of Media Art
>2. CASPAR - Cultural, Artistic and Scientific Knowledge for
>Preservation, Access and Retrieval
>3. CO-ME-DI-A - Cooperation and Mediation in Digital Arts
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