Thursday, March 5, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Fwd: eye of the storm call

Leonardo/OLATS brings to your attention:

An Arts Catalyst / Tate Britain Conference

*Eye of the Storm
An interdisciplinary conference on scientific controversy*

19 / 20 June 2009
Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1, UK


The Arts Catalyst and Tate Britain announce an international call for
artists, scientists, social scientists, theorists, policy-makers and other
disciplines, to present in *Eye of the Storm*, a conference exploring
scientific controversy from an interdisciplinary perspective.

*Eye of the Storm* aims to explore a range of controversies, from esoteric
arguments between physicists over the structure of the universe, to disputes
about the causes of species decline and climate change, and highly charged
public controversies around the use of stem cells and the distribution of
genetically modified organisms. When heated debates around the challenge of
climate change have shown how abstruse uncertainties within a scientific
community can be amplified and distorted to challenge the whole notion of
human-caused greenhouse warming, *Eye of the Storm* sets out to examine the
relationship between scientific uncertainty and public controversies around

We invite abstracts for papers and proposals for artists' presentations and
talks for *Eye of the Storm* that consider questions such as the following:
When the whole culture and ethic of science is based on disagreement and
alternative explanations, how does this essential scientific uncertainty
work in the quest for knowledge? How do scientific disputes affect political
decision-making and society's relationship with science? As scientific and
technological developments produce their own controversies, such as those
around GM crops, what are the current critical controversies in and around
science and technology? What alternative societal and cultural perspectives
and contributions do artists and social scientists bring to this area? When
the influential science sociologist Bruno Latour has worried that social
science - in questioning the 'reality' that science examines - may have
contributed to political abuses of science: what is the relationship between
scholarship, science and politics?

Confirmed keynote speakers are Sheila Jasanoff, Pforzheimer Professor of
Science and Technology Studies at Harvard University, and Roger Malina,
astrophysicist, Director of Research at CNRS (National Center for Scientific
Research), former Director at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille.

Please send 200-word abstracts for papers and presentations (20 minutes
maximum) to<>.
Artists may attach images (2MB maximum).

Deadline: 31 March 2009

Submission categories include: talks/papers, artists' presentations,
Selection Committee*

Michael Bravo, Lecturer, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of
Bernadette Buckley, Programme Convenor, MA Art & Politics, Goldsmiths,
University of London
Sian Ede, Director of Arts, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Madeleine Keep, Education Department, Tate Britain
Rob La Frenais, Curator, The Arts Catalyst
Roger Malina, Chairman Emeritus, Leonardo, Director of Research, CNRS
Chair: Nicola Triscott, Director, The Arts Catalyst


*Eye of the Storm* is organised by The Arts Catalyst and Tate Britain in
association with Leonardo/OLATS.

*The Arts Catalyst *

The Arts Catalyst is a UK-based arts organisation, commissioning new
artist's work that experimentally and critically engages with science and is
presented in a range of venues: art galleries, museums and other public
spaces. Alongside the commissions programme The Arts Catalyst organises
symposia and critical debates, artists residencies and participatory and
schools projects.

The Arts Catalyst has commissioned more than 70 artists' projects in its 15
year existence, presented to a wide public in partnership with venues
including the Natural History Museum, Imperial College, the Barbican Centre,
the Roundhouse, the ICA, and P3 in London, Tramway in Glasgow, Stills
Gallery in Edinburgh, the John Hansard Gallery Southampton, Cornerhouse in
Manchester, and Gallery Oldham.

*Tate Britain*

Tate Britain is the national gallery of British art from 1500 to the present
day. As such, it is the most comprehensive collection of its kind in the
world. It houses a substantial collection of the work of J.M.W. Turner. More
recent artists include David Hockney, Peter Blake and Francis Bacon. Tate
Britain is part of the Tate gallery network in Britain, with Tate Modern,
Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives.

Tate Britain symposia bring together experts and scholars to present new
research or to discuss aspects of a particular exhibition or wider issues
around visual culture. Symposia, sometimes with partner institutions, are a
focus for new scholarship and debate within visual culture and its political
or social impacts.


Leonardo/OLATS serves the international arts community by promoting and
documenting work at the intersection of the arts, sciences, and technology,
and by encouraging collaboration between artists, scientists, and
technologists. Activities of the Leonardo network include publication of the
print journals Leonardo; the Leonardo Music Journal; the Leonardo Book
Series (all published by the MIT Press); and several electronic
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