Wednesday, March 4, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] ARTISTS AS INVENTORS

hello. from Klaus Hu. Berlin. artist. researcher.

I would agree with David Haleys statement on different value systems.

To see our struggle for clarification mostly as a western problem of
valueing (including creativity, art, scientific invention). Whereas in
your RTA - explanation of a "dynamic process by which the whole cosmos
continues to be created, virtuously" - our western concept of creating,
even in art as a dynamic process, is relying on cut outs, mesh ups,
deepening genres as personal styles. etc. In your example of "Rangoli",
where sand on the treshhold as a ritual renewed every day (like sand
paintings), positions creativity, even the house as cosmos. on the
scale of invention = renewal. My quest would be to speak more about
different value systems, instead of analyzing and positioning words.
Different value systems create also different perspectives, and that
would open up this "western" aspiration of clarification, what an
invention is, besides creativity and art.

My lecture upon "Space and Narrative Identity", held in Singapore, ISEA 2008 tried to

renew this "western"model of analyzation. But I didnt come closer or shifted my perspective. go to then UPCOMING /lecture for .pdf download

Klaus Hu - artist, researcher, Berlin

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