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Grants Fundación Marcelino Botín
Submission call: Visual Arts 2009 / 2010

The Foundation Marcelino Botín awards 220.000 euros for Visual Arts Grants
for study, research and the undertaking of individual projects in the sphere
of (non-theoretical) artistic work. Artists may be any nationality.
Applicants for study grants must be between 23 and 40 years old. There is no
age limit for the research grants.

The period covered by the grants will be 9 months. Grants involving
relocation can be extended for a second period, depending on the outcome of
a further application made before the closing date of the annual edition of
the grants.

After being awarded, the grants shall be effective for the stipulated period
and without interruption. Grants must be initiated before the end of 2009.

Not involving a change of residence: 16.000 euros.
Involving relocation in a country other than your current residence: 24.000
Involving relocation in United States of America: 28.000 euros.
The aforementioned amounts include trips, accommodation, maintenance, studio
rent, etc.
These amounts will be incremented to include medical insurance and, in cases
of study, the registration fees of the chosen Education Centre, pending
approval, will be covered by the Fundación Marcelino Botín.

Deadline: 8 May 2009

More information about the grants, the required documentation and submission

Fundación Marcelino Botín
Pedrueca 1
39003 Santander

Tel. +34 942 226 072
Fax +34 942 226 045


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