Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] artist as inventors

Dear yasminers

I wish to state the great interest I have had in reading the
responses around the subject of Artist as inventors as well as the
immense frustration it has brougth me.

As an artist involved in technology, I feel there is a difference
betheen invention and creation.
Inventions belongs to the scientific world where as creations is
closer to what the artist produces. Not to say that inventions are
not creative,But where an invention can be creative it is not
always true that creation can be an invention.

The invention of the washing machine, the automobile or aircraft were
great practical inventions on which design was applied and they all
served humanity in the every day life. Not to mention the huge
economical side of it.

The strength of artistic creation has always been on its powerfull
metaphorical content to express life and natural phenomenas in their
physical, social, psychological aspects. The EAT experience which I
had the opportunity to take part in 1969 was a culmination Kinetic
Art, centered primarely around mechanical objects. Many of them were
fascinating but I regret to say were not inventions as such but rather
innovative applications of exhisting technologies and definitly great
metaphors. Most of the artists had classical art backgrounds.
Nowadays technology has become a lot more sophisticated
with the advent of physics, computers, electronics, biochemicals,
nanotechnology and so on. Many contempory artists have scientific
background as part of their formation. Thus my frustrations ! Laugth

But the collaboration between art and science remains quite difficult.
My own experience has been that the scientific and technological world
agree to some joint venture only if the artist idea can illustrate or
bring a different view on the use of the scientific or technological

Many scientific models, some of which I had the chance to discover at
some of the MIT labs in 1970, regarded as mere models of scientific
phenemenas ( such as the motion of elctron around a nucleous) could
well have been considered as art work.
Having seen a number of science museum in different countries around
the world , it is my profound conviction that these museums could or
should well be considered the Art Museums of the near future.

Have I digressed from the original topic ?


Roger Vilder
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