Wednesday, March 4, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] ARTIST AT INVENTORS

Invention is the act of "investing" or to "make do"?.
This is subject to the socio-cultural decline, the evolution of reality?.
What are the motivations to prioritize, converting ideas into tangible
You can enter and exit without involvement in the aftermath of such
There is always a part of the population with which you can play "hide"?.
Neither the younger generation, or above or to the authorities, or
professionals, or society are "blind".
Only need to have more clarity and hand references stronger.
What we are looking for synergies and no new locks. "
If art is only for this, has already become history.
If education is not assessable in terms "material," because nobody can
stay healthy without surrendering to its charms.
If there is something more interesting?.
That will promote a new deed.

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