Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] re. ARTISTS AS INVENTORS ON YASMIN

from Klaus Hu / Berlin

I think there is a lot of confusion in the discussion about



open source




strategies of artistic revenues / market / sales of objects


strategies of artistic concepts and/or scripts, residencies , lectures etc.

let me just add a few thoughts from my own experience or what is
possible re. copyright law in Germany. e.g. A filmscript or any written
treatment (should be comparable to an open source script e.g.) is
protected as copyrighted. An author may send it to a lawyer

or to him-/herself, so the postmark and date of entry signals delivery and from that point on,

its juridically protected. But reality and its copy and paste culture speaks of another reality.

As long as artists have to make a living, plus producing new works, they (me included)

are always serching new and old strategies for a.) developing a new work - including

topic, script, visuals/layout/design and  b.) distribution.

Wether its leading to a processbased/installative approach

or a an objectbased approach (painting/fotography/sculpture) is in my opinions - secondary.

To secure these struggles by adopting strategies of a company or using open source

is also in my opinions secondary.

What is more important is, how can a new idea, concept, object of art be distributed

without falling in the trap of "big economy" (which has already been copied by the Art-market).

If "open-source" - and also free downloading of works is a 
monopol of the "rich - west", I don´t know. I think sharing is
sometimes more fruitful, than paying the gallerist, the transport,
lawyers, tax advisers, even now artists can rent a booth at some

If EAT - (Retro shown in Berlin 2007 or 8?) - has been an example of
open-source collaboration in theatre is a bit too mystifying. If
collaboration between different skills/craft and conceptual
thinkers/artists today wouldn´t be prevented by the now adopted and
overall accepted rule of the market and the struggle of the individual,
we could reinvent EAT out of the archive, but I see no way back.

Inventing is always a process of artistic strategy. But does it need a patent?

Or just funding?

Klaus Hu from Berlin / www.space123.eu

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