Wednesday, March 4, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] [Fwd: Re: artist as inventors]

Dear Yasminers,

Thank you for so many very interesting comments.

I would assume from the beginning that artists may be sometimes
inventors (although it doesn't mean that all art works are inventions),
and I wouldn't go so much into the debate about what is an invention or
what is an innovation, or creativity, etc, because I feel we could
discuss it without end.

For me the debate would be, if we agree that artists are sometimes
inventors, how to ensure that both artist and society can beneficiate
from those inventions. Some of the ways to help so would be:

- To facilitate the possibility for artists to collaborate with other
partners in order to work in a co-research, or to get the invention
applied to "real life";

- To think about a wide range of IP models so the artist can choose the
best solution regarding to its own investment, and the social relevance
of its work.

In Disonancias we propose to the organisations that work with an artist
in a co-investigation to choose between 4 different options regarding to
the property of the results (artists are already informed when we do the
call for artists):
This is a first intent to regulate the relationships between the two
parts taking in account the wide range of legal possibilities. But there
is still a lot of work to do to create a better environment for artists
as inventors.


Arantxa Mendiharat
Koordinatzailea / Coordinadora

Grupo Xabide Taldea
Centro Kursaal Elkargunea, Av. Zurriola Etorbidea 1
20002 Donostia - San Sebastián. Spain
T: +34 943 27 85 01. M: +34 699 331 644
Skype: amendiharat_xabide. F: +34 943 28 03 45

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