Monday, December 6, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] poetry and poetry


I agree that digital poetry is an important art to continue developing,
and an exciting one. It is at an intersection in technology between
what technologies or capabilities most poets and nontechnical people are
comfortable with handling, and that which they are intrigued by but do
not understand how to control of manipulate. If a traditional
poet--used to working with words but without Web or film technology
training--has to work with another individual to create the digital
poetry, then there will be tension because the digital person has to
first interpret the meanings of the word symbols and their sequential
relationship to each other--and then re-interpret those into his/her own
language to create another symbolic (digital in this case)
interpretation of them for the finished product. Almost all digital
poets I have known struggle with this problem. Then, of course, the
audience re-interprets the language and vision for a third time--one
more iteration and interpretation than typically has to take place.

In this process, the original vision or message changes--like with the
old telephone game we played as children. We do, however, with the
inclusion of more people within the creation of the digital poem, have
in the best of cases an even fuller more comprehensive vision which is
capable of handling more--in the same way that a think tank, if run
properly, can achieve more from a market perspective than an individual

One digital poet who does do both his own poetry and his own technical
work, who I've become quite interested in, is M.D. Friedman, from
Colorado. He is a math teacher, digital poet, poet, jazz musician, and
painter who tours mainly in the western U.S. He is also head of the
InterNet Poets Co-Op, which can be accessed worldwide on the Web.


On 12/5/2010 11:27 PM, Jason Nelson wrote:
> I'm really curious as to the list's impressions of digital poetry.
> Inherently digital poetry lives within the intersection of science and
> poetry. Indeed it is an evolution of poetic ideas and expressions,
> poetry unleashed from the artificial contraints of linearity and
> -mono-dimensionality. So for example most of my works at
> explore how to recreate poetry within a
> variety of complex interactions and orgranizations. And yet there is
> certainly a conflict between the print/spoken word poet and the
> digital creator.
> Why is this? Or not? Any thoughts?

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