Wednesday, December 1, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Science, Technology, Art, POETRY


Your comments about "poesis' , and taking a macro view of the
meaning of poesis, and in particular the connections to the organic world
of course connects to many streams of though

a) Stuart Kauffman, in his book " re inventing the sacred"
argues that indeed the science of complexity carries with it
an impulse that leads to the generation of life through
a natural process of evolution, he associates this 'mystery"
with a new form of sacrality

the book is at:

his web site is at
there is a good video from him at:

b) and of course the work on autopoesis of Varella, Maturana etc

there is a good web site at:

Kauffman takes the argument further with his idea that:

we are "mind-brain-body systems that are trans-Turing quantum, poised realm,
classical systems of unknown richness"

c) The whole stream of ideas around biomorphism, not only Barr
but also the german bioromantika of Erno Kallai etc ( if you remember
Kepes also inherited this line of thought, leading to his "New Landscape
in Art and Science". )There is a phd thesis bv Grant Taylor "the machine
that made science art"

with a chapter than explicits the lineage

Perhaps a related point that I would make, is that one often reads that
scientific understanding somehow destroys the joy / mystery of the universe-
I am sure you would strongly dispute this as does Kaufman in his
recent blog on science
and poetry

here is his rebuttal to "cold science" destroying the wonder of the world:

We are not Algorithmic:

Back to poetry. Newton's determinism and the determinism of
algorithms are deeply related.
The AI view is latter day Newton plus Turing. No need for the metaphor
richness and allusions
of poetry. Just use your algorithmic mind to compute.

But if we are not algorithmic, if the Poised Realm is part open
quantum system with its new physics,
if life lives partly in the Poised Realm as I increasingly believe it
does, then our mind-brain-body
systems are trans-Turing quantum, poised realm, classical systems of
unknown richness. Far off,
or not so far off, I sense, we will begin to understand meaning and
language enabled by such systems
that solve their own framing problems, and are enabled by the
metaphors of poetry, art, dance, plays,
novels, and music.

from kauffman


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