Monday, December 20, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Science, Art & Poetry

*Science becomes poetry when poetry finds philosophy,*
is where my timeless zone finds its context.

I am a graduate from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam-Fine Arts-Glass,
while my first degree is in Interior Architecture, Product Design and
Applied Arts
from ATEI Athens. Ten years ago i have been taking an exchange in Denmarks
Designskole, where i studied on glass and light and physically started to
with the texture of glass.
Getting away from the utilitarian world, i have been observing the
intermediary space of conscious and subconscious where the golden ratio
base its sense. would that be that the space where Inter-cultural
dialogues; of natural and cultural history of
each 'individual', state and rhythm of globalization and the super
efficiency of it all could
ground its mean?

bang bang

I have been reading and enjoying all this thread a lot. and developing
my query about language and poerty and art, and fallacy or not and
the paradox of it all!From the Nicomechian Marco's reference
to the live thread of Paul and Jared and Simon's and....

as an artist i have generated a principle :
to scrutinize the fallacy of Art becoming my on genepig. Amoongst all
materials and methods i choose the properties of glass structure as a
'brain lens'. Wish i was an Art Physician

Fragmental Memory 'makes me' enlight and shutter - remember
and forget so to be able to write the parts which gradually take the
form of letters. Sometimes the black holes moving in my brain do not
leave space for reflection of the memory thus they cover
part of knowledge and reveal new structures, and shapes
that could not have been present without past insertions, but would rather
be able to
correspond to the fact that they are still new structures since they have a
different time zone,
hence we have decided hundredth s of years ago to start counting down chaos

In the begin of the thread there has been a reference about the word
understanding, trying to

'explain' *'understanding equals non sense' *
*in reference to Deleuze and Plato and Russel though** recalling Buddha's
organic sense*
If mathematics is a coded poetry; language is a code of symbols as
a form of action
*In the Digital Age; Oracle as Language or Language as Oracle

Motion creates change of Form;

"A New Form", every single moment of 'Time'.

If time is a passage of elements, thus it forms an acting shape

Shape of space forming nature of an Organism

cells of the organism, stepping through time reforming its shape

Whilst space is organic nature

Does nature equals logic[1]? Is that an existing formula;

Language of a complex organism is been created

while logic is phrased through 'sentences' of choices and motion

An audiovisual algorithm, forming its logic...

Senses as parameters[2] of the 'Organic Logic'

Organic Logic formed through a synthesis of 'incurious incidents', creating
a language[3]

Language formed from audio and visuals framed by stories of probability

Do 'incurious incidents' describe facts of 'non probability'?

Is synthesis of 'non probability' elements creating curious incidents?

Time 'controls' the synthesis of the incurious incidents leading curious

Cell divisions as incurious incidents and its reflection as curious ones


[1]The word derives from Greek λογική (logike), fem. of λογικός (logikos),
"possessed of reason, *
*intellectual, dialectical, argumentative", from λόγος logos, "word,
thought, idea, argument, account,*
* reason, or principle"

[2] a parameter is a quantity that defines certain characteristics of
systems or functions. A unit of length *
*that didn't quite **make it as an SI unit of measurement. It is however
based on the SI unit of length, the meter, *
*it is just not quite big enough to pass a meter in the real world. *
[3] Language as Oracle, or Oracle as Language?

[4] A probability space, in probability theory, is the conventional
mathematical model of randomness. *
*This mathematical object, sometimes called also probability triple,
formalizes three interrelated ideas *
*by three mathematical notions. First, a sample point (called also
elementary event), --- something to *
*be chosen at random (outcome of experiment, state of nature, possibility
etc.) Second, an event, -*
*something that will occur or not, depending on the chosen elementary event.
Third, the probability of an event.*

*In the Digital Age; Oracle as Language or Language as Oracle*
was written while we where composing 'Oracle', through e-MobiLArt Lab - January 2009

an on looker to the possibility of communication,
scattered between action and function with
wish for sense to my incoherent lines

With best regards
from snow-stared Amsterdam
and with happy wishes for X-mas and a super stared New Year

Amiar Lalou
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