Monday, December 6, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] poetry and poetry


After visiting your site and thinking about it for a bit, I feel my
earlier response was well-intentioned but inadequate. I think now that
you were asking why there is tension between traditional poets and poets
who work with digital methodologies, particularly with regard to the
digital structural work you have designed.

It's a novel and intricately structured concept as you lay it out on
your website and on your YouTube video. There are in traditional poetry
almost two basic schools of thought: those that think the craft
(structuring) of the poem is most important; and those who conversely
feel that the vision carried within that craft is what is most
important. For those who see craft as most important in traditional
poetry (sonnets, sestinas, etc.,) your form should be exciting and
welcome as a new way to contain vision. I expect that many will be
interested. For those who are more concerned with the Vision
communication aspect, it will come slower because a number of them may
feel that you are not really doing away with linearity with the
structure, but are supplying data sets than can be interchanged just as
sensory stimulus interchanges in the world we experience: these Vision
type poets are likely to feel that what is most important in poetry is
for the poet to know from his/her own vision which set of
images/responses to offer rather than offer a menu for the reader to

Ultimately, of course, what matters is finding the best vehicle for what
you (the poet) wishes to convey, or for what you wish to use words
for. I would like to experience how you have delivered some of your
finished poems using the technique you talk about. you give me much to
think about, and I have shared your thoughts with others, who may
contact you as well.


On 12/5/2010 11:27 PM, Jason Nelson wrote:
> I'm really curious as to the list's impressions of digital poetry.
> Inherently digital poetry lives within the intersection of science and
> poetry. Indeed it is an evolution of poetic ideas and expressions,
> poetry unleashed from the artificial contraints of linearity and
> -mono-dimensionality. So for example most of my works at
> explore how to recreate poetry within a
> variety of complex interactions and orgranizations. And yet there is
> certainly a conflict between the print/spoken word poet and the
> digital creator.
> Why is this? Or not? Any thoughts?

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