Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] YASMIN Moderator handover


I am handing over the YASMIN moderation 'baton' to Ricardo Mbarkho in Beirut for
the coming week. Monica Bello in Spain will take over the week after.

The Science, Technology, Art POETRY discussion on YASMIN DISCUSSIONS
seems to be generating
some heat=so we thought we would continue for another week= Please
do contribute !!

Guillermo Munoz in Valencia is working on an idea for a discussion
in January on how the economic crises in our Mediterranean countries
is hurting the arts and sciences, and how emerging interdisciplinary
areas in art-science-technology are particularly fragile at times of
budget cuts. Students in English art schools are demonstrating very
actively in response to the big cuts in arts and humanities funding.
He will tell you more soon. If you are interested in developing the
topic contact him at "Guillermo Muñoz" <m.m.guillermo@gmail.com>,

roger malina

(PS if you have a hot topic on your mind for YASMIN to discuss
next year=contact us !)

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