Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] happy new year on YASMIN

Dear Yasminers

We are bringing our Science, Technology, Art and POETRY discussion
to a close for now= and thank all the participants to this discussion;

I would note that some of us felt that some of the discussion was really
not tied to the links of poetry to science or new technologies, which
was the focus of the discussion, and that some of the posts were rather
polemical rather than deliberative and constructive; As we initiate
new discussions in
the new year, we hope we can focus on the connections between
the arts, sciences and technologies on YASMIN= and bring to bear in
particular perspectives directly relevant to the mediterranean region.

The YASMIN moderators are currently discussing two possible new
discussion topics for the new year:

Pier Luigi Capucci in Italy is developing an idea on ' UN-SIMULATABLE'
which would revisit the discussion last year he led with Jennifer
Kanary on simulation.

Guillermo Munoz is working up an idea on how the economic
crises in the mediterranean region are beginning to have
strong impacts on funding in arts and science, and how in particular
experimental programs in art/science/technology are being hit in
particular. We dont often get into the this kind of more political/
economic discussion but we are living in difficult times and often
both art and science are viewed as secondary things in times
of economic crisis. it would be interesting to know of new ways
of imagining art/science in times of crisis.

If anyone on YASMIN would like to propose a topic for discussion
in 2011 contact me at rmalina(at))

If anyone would like to become a YASMIN moderator or correspondents
we welcome volunteers !!

And best wishes to all for the end of calendar year 2010 !!

Roger Malina
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