Thursday, December 2, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Science, Technology, Art, POETRY

Hello all,
This is a wondrful discussion.
Just an information about two days around Media poetry organized in Marseille two years ago by Alphabetville with cipM and INA Méditerranée.
The entries were to observe the relationship between poetry and technical dispositives, it meens out of the book. It has been important since the XXth century, with technical inventions that able to generate sound poetry or poetic cinema, and until XXIth century with digital and even biotechnologies. In his book "The Gutenberg galaxy", MCLuhan says that phonetic alphabet and written alphabet make a huge difference in our cultural behaviour, and looks at the formal conception and perception in oral poetry and printed poetry. With the new technologies, we go on another that is electronic culture. It can be a mixed culture of all those elements.
Anyway, some poets and artists have confronted their art and their language with these materialities, grammars, codes, and specific logos of technologies. This is not only for modernism or avant-garde, but because "medium is message", still with McLuhan, and science, technics, media and art are linked into the final meaning.
You can have a look at the programm here :
It was a fabulous exchange with eduardo kac, ambroise barras, jean-pierre bobillot, jean-pierre rehm...
Thanks for your attention,
Colette Tron


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