Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Around Simulation II - Greetings

Dear all,

Jennifer Kanary Nikolova and I would thank all for reading and actively participating to the Around Simulation II discussion. Many thanks to our great discussants too, and in particular to Roberta Buiani, Derek Hales, Živa Ljubec, Clarissa Ribeiro and Natasha Vita-More!

The discussion lasted more than two weeks instead than one, but anyway we couldn't surely cover all the issues about the topic, although limited to two main fields. Maybe we will have some more room for this in the future.

So please, let's stop sending messages on this topic... :-) The Simulation II discussion ends! While waiting for Jennifer's post with the tag cloud of our words, I pickup the last suggestion from the message of Wafa Bourkhis, our Around Simulation I discussion's Tunisian respondent last year: "Is freedom simulatable?" We do hope it is a good omen :-)

Thank you and best,

Pier Luigi

Pier Luigi Capucci
e-mail: plc@noemalab.org
web: http://www.noemalab.org/plc/plc.html
skype: plcapucci

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