Friday, February 11, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Publishing: more introductions

dear Yasminers,

let me introduce the members of FakePress, Oriana Persico, Luca Simeone,
Federico Ruberti and Cary Hendrickson.

You already met Luca Simeone in the introduction and in his welcome message.

Oriana Persico graduated with a degree in Communication Science and from
2004 to 2006 worked with the Innovation Group of the Greens in the Italian
Senate (Innovazione dei Verdi al Senato), working with advocating political
participation through new technology, digital inclusion, intellectual
property and internet governance. She currently writes for magazines and
newspapers, maintains online databases on art and technology and works with
an intense fury on the arts, communications, politics and the critical

Federico Ruberti is a freelance consultant for Enterprise and Marketing
Communication Agencies, he has developed over 150 Advertising, on / off
line, and Internet & Multimedia Design projects through his more than 10
years of experience. Lecturer for the course in Multimedia Design at the
University of Rome "La Sapienza" in the Faculty of Architecture and founding
partner of FakePress. Federico Ruberti is regularly engaged in research on
digital media, publishing prectices and tools and interaction design.

Cary Hendrickson is an environmental economist whose research interests
revolve around the theoretical and empirical intersections of political
ecology, new technologies geared towards communicating sustainability and
institutions for environmental management. Her past research experience has
been internationally focused and she is currently looking at the
multi-scalar linkages between networks of actors involved in carbon offsets
while pursuing a PhD in economic geography. She has carried out field
research studies in Asia, North America and Europe and worked as
a policy analyst with various international NGOs.

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