Sunday, February 20, 2011

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Pubishing: some examples, and questions

Dear Avi,

Avi Rosen wrote:
> Living in audiovisual saturated environment imposes instant self-publishing,
> once performed by writing(Barthes)....

I think I disagree with this above statement. We can choose
to free ourselves from those new chains of being connected
(and available) 24 hours a day, of publishing every single
shadow of idea that crosses our minds in order to exist.
This is an outcome of the international ultra capitalist
model that is dominating the world at the moment.

I think that those tools are fantastic and that, as this
discussion demonstrates, there are new forms of publishing
that are emerging, they do not need to be "instant
self-publishing" where writing and publishing collapse in
one single action. Instant-self-writing-publishing is one
mode, what are the others ?


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