Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] new step publishing discussion: editing versus publishing

Dear yasminers,

I would like to introduce myself to the list and say thanks to Omi for
inviting me to follow Next Step Publishing discussion.

My name is Paula Alvarez and I am an architecture researcher, editor
and publisher.

Currently I am developing a research on architecture as a form of
environment edition which engages natures, bodies, material and
immaterial systems. I focus on practices which understand the
production of environments as a complex process that is shared with
others, prolonged in time and loaded with uncertainty. These
architectures explore different ways of cooperating with living things
(society, individuals, natures) —from corporal and emotional
appropriation to involvement in the creative or materialization
process, seeking to positively affect the context. I am interested in
the mutation of the role of architect as editor: edition implies
de-specialization... It questions the split between professional
architectonic activity and cultural and life work by ceasing to
consider the subject of architecture as its mere "receptor".

I find thinking of subjects and natures as editors, or understanding
disciplines as editable fields of knowledge... very stimulating for
investigating ways of responsive and operative de-specialization. But
please let me point something.... Publishing and edition imply
different tactics. Both of them are forms of social empowerment
through little but continuum changes, and both are forms of creating
"new assemblages" that distort and transform the given realm. But from
my point of view publishing deals more clearly with expression,
representation, visibility, reception, accessibility, giving
voice,"making public". And "edition" deals with progressive shifts, on
going transformation, mutation, tuning, sharpening, improving.
Furthermore I think the concept of edition allows uncertainty,
alterity, it opens possibilities in a more open and suitable way that

Wishing you all well,

Paula Alvarez


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