Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Publishing: FakePress Statement

Hi Luca & yasminers.

" in (an auratic?) specific time and space"...

When time-space is no longer experienced in Euclidian manner, the gap
between traditional publishing and individual content distribution vanishes,
as content rolls past the PC, tablet, or cellular display according to our
individual preferences and surfing history.

At the turn of the twentieth century Paul Valery predicted: "Just as water,
gas, and electricity are brought into our houses from far off to satisfy our
need in response to a minimal effort, so we shall be supplied with visual or
auditory images, which will appear and disappear at a simple movement of the
hand, hardly more than a sign."

This fact led to a dramatic turning-point of the disappearance of the
traditional author/publisher, and the birth of the cyber-aura witnessed by
the cyber-flâneur (surfer). The meaning of individual cyber publishing and
its cyber-aura according to traditional iconological and iconographical
tools turned irrelevant. It is now valued according to a system of fuzzy
logic, dealing with the concept of partial truth with values ranging between
"completely true" and "completely false".


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hi marc and yasminers,

well, i guess our point of view is that there are several, multiple
competing truths at the same time (or none). traditional publishing
processes select, package and distribute information and, in so doing,
design specific configurations of reality. fakepress wants to somewhat
re-articulate this approach multiplying the layers related to the publishing
process. this process (for traditional publishers) was just fixed and
determined in (an auratic?) specific time and space. this sort of aura
related to the publishing processes was also an important component to shape
the authority of the publishers.
in some ways, it's like fakepress wants to question both this authority and
the idea that the moment of 'printing' / 'publishing' / 'press' is frozen in
time and space. but, at the same time, we don't want to abandon the idea and
the role of publishers if seen in a more open way. we still think that there
is room for cultural bodies that select, package and distribute information,
especially in this historical moment where the quantity of information will
keep increasing exponentially.

fakepress looked like an oxymoron that represent our internal (and not yet
resolved) tension.



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