Friday, February 11, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Publishing

Dear Yasminers,

i am happy to introduce into the discussion a contribution by our dear
colleague Natasha Vita-More, stemming out from a related Facebook

"I wonder why you use "augment" as a fate compli. Augment is simply to
extend and not to improve. Enhancement would be the next stage of
augmentation. Where augmentation provides an extension and expansion of
physiological (somatic and cognitive) capabilities, it falls short because
we cannot remain biological in a world that is engaging a more seamless
interface with technology, and in light of disease and pollution, human
striff and poverty -- we need to enhance physiology to firstly address human
needs for health and well-being and for literacy. Thus, enhancement as a
impetus is a problem-solving intervention of art/science/technology in
artistic paractices which look to mediate possibilities for publishing's
All my best,

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