Saturday, February 19, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Pubishing: some examples, and questions

Dear Yasminers,
some pointers to interesting developments that can show possible scenarios
for next step publishing processes, and the ways in which new forms of
expression can open up interesting questions and spaces

first of all Manifest.AR
and their interventions in MoMA and at the Venice Biennial, through which
they explore reappropriation of spaces and interesting possibilities to
create spaces for expression "on top" of other ones

and then the first steps towards enhancing the experience of books:
Atria books add tags to books allowing readers to access authors' other
works and additional materials such as video and documentation: publishing
books inside books

and interstitial publishing can create revenues such as at Windermere Real
in which microinformation is published directly on the houses for sale,
allowing potential buyers to see house interiors, open dialogues, etc

moving onto totally different domains, the "Selective Memory Theatre"
creates artificial memory mechanisms by using Fickr as a global brain,
trying to mimicking the ways our brains work
this is an interesting concept for generative publishing mechanisms

and, remaining in the human body, the beautifully poetic project "Eye am
You" by artist Jarashi Suki
suggests how devices can be built to publish small, intense, narratives onto

and even the disappearance of user interfaces can bear new spaces full of
information that build languages made of gestures

or as in the proximeter developed at the information ecology lab at MIT
the present and past of our social clouds become publishable gestures

and one last example: Sukey
this is a realtime mobile application created and used by student movements
to publish the urban scenario during protests, including positions of the
police, of the crowds of protesters, and with tools specifically designed to
publish escape routes, safety areas, and collaborative, emergent urban paths
across the city.

all these examples, among the hundreds that start filling websites and our
mailboxes every day, suggest interesting questions on important issues such
as citizenship, privacy, property and on the re-encoding of our time and

for example: what is the form of a publisher who choses to create a
"publication" like the proximeter? how does it deal with privacy? what
business model does it enact? how can these publications scale to become a
part of our lives, allowing us to live in more informed, aware ways?

or, in the case of Sukey: how can these tools be shaped to provide
opportunities for peer to peer organization? and to create autonmous
information spaces?

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