Monday, February 7, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Publishing, welcome to this new discussion

Dear Yasminers,

i am very happy to introduce Yasmin's next topic for discussion:
Next Step Publishing

I am Salvatore Iaconesi, i am an artist, interaction designer and robotic
engineer, as well as a hacker and an active explorer/documenter/performer of
the technological practices of cultures and countercultures. I currently
teach cross-media design at Rome's University La Sapienza and, together with
my colleagues which i will be introducing in a minute, i created FakePress,
a research group, think tank and publishing house focused on the exact topic
of this discussion: the next step of publishing practices.

i will be your moderator for this discussion, and my main responsibility
will be to keep it focused and effective. Please feel free to actively
participate and to ask questions or suggest answers for anything involved in
the discussion.

first of all: sorry for the delay!

I am writing from here in berlin at the transmediale festival, and this is a
wonderful place to start this discussion, as we had an incredible chance to
present several faces of the themes for this discussion and to also
officially present a software platform which we will also be using during
this discussion, as enabler for a scientific/artistic/anthropologic
experiment in new forms of publishing dedicated to knowledge-sharing and
collaborative, ubiquitous, emergent narratives.

in my next message i will present this discussion's initial statements and
the biographies of all the invited participants.

i will also introduce the concept of the experiment which FakePress will be
enacting on the discussion.

again: please feel free to participate, collaborate and to ask questions
and/or expose your points of view on the discussion topics. Let's just try
to remain focused, as this is the most productive, effective help that we
can all give to the discussion and to its outcomes.

thank you all and welcome to the Next Step Publishing discussion on Yasmin.
Please read the next message on the list in which i will be presenting the
initial statement and i will also introduce our dear colleagues who will be
joining in the discussion.

thank you. let's begin!

Salvatore Iaconesi

m. ++39 3476054421
t. ++39 0697600324

skype: xdxdVSxdxd
Art is Open Source


via G. Ghislieri 14
00152 Rome
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