Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] eXpanded design


*eXpanded design*


Industrial cities are melting in the pixel air and the contemporary
spreading out of *communicational metropolis* - based on digital
communication, syncretic cultures, performative consumers, multividual
subjectivities - is favouring a contemporary *eXpanded design*. My
methodology applied on fieldwork – a mix of urban fragmented locations and
web fluid networks – is an *ubiquitous ethnography*. A place, a code, a
symbol have no fixed context or meaning; they are crossing ubiquitous sets
and hybrid insights, moving beyond any dualistic paradigm. Ubiquitous
ethnography is *materialimmaterial* in the same time-space (*chronotopies*)
and it is based on the perspective of *self-representation*: the multividual
who is crossing communicational metropolis expresses urgent desires of
narrative about his/her experience.

I assume that such kind of *emotional experiences* is producing a fluid,
multiple, dissonant and fragmented montage of *auratic* and
*digital*communication focusing such an
*eXpanded design.* What is called "public art" or "street art" may be
intended as a fluidification of traditional design beyond institutional
academy or corporation. A digital graffiti – designed in the reproducible
network or in an auratic wall – is an example of such kind of e*X*pansion
beyond any traditional discipline, style or zone. *QR Code* disseminated along
interstices may create a new kind of emotional plot, mixing genres such as
visual, sonic, iconic, poetical, essaystic fictions; in connection with
other multividual who can change, modify, insert, develop decentralized
polyphonies: the creation of an *augmented reality* as *augmented
metropolis* and *augmented individuality* (*multividual*).

The Nele Azevedo's public art is augmenting reality even if her
mini-statues of ice are disappearing in their space-time. The same it is
happening through *idiogramatic codes* we are used to send by cell or iphone;
or during a game: supporters are elaborating every week an *eXpanded
design*for their team (choreographies, slogans, flyers, choirs,
banners, manifests
etc.). Twitter and Face Book are *eXpanded design of selves* as an
ambiguous response for self-representation desires and horizontal
communicational politics*.* The same is happening In Brazilian carnival, a
popular system of "Escola de Samba" is working for a whole year in order to
produce "fantasias" (costumes), "samba enredo" as dancing body-language,
allegoric floats designed by local people. Digital cultures and ubiquitous
ethnographies applied to *eXpanded design* are producing an *augmented* *
story-telling* along the labyrintic fluxus of contemporary communicational
metropolis. Spontaneous designers may be connecting different
metropolitan chronotopies
through street attractors, fetish metamorphosis, aiku images, walking
desires, eroptical insights, sonic fictions, mutant spaces, and plot of

*Carpe Codex*, take your code: and *augment* it.
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