Monday, February 7, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Publishing

Dear Yasminers,

while we are waiting for our invited discussants to post their initial
statements, let me introduce a further element of our discussion.

The discussion on "Next Step Publishing" will also be a live experiment in
"Next Step Publishing".

All the contributions to the discussion (both invited and emergent) will be
added to an innovative software platform in which they will be organized
under an interactive graph like structure. Key elements of the discussion
will form systems to which we will give a generative tangible representation
under the form of printable markers.

These markers will be usable with an interface that we will provide: when
placed in front of the webcam the markers will allow navigating the
discussion, the relationships among topics and the contributions coming from
specific disciplines, perspectives or by single individuals, providing a
natural interaction metaphor that represents both a research on the
methodologies and technologies that can be used to create such metaphors,
and a live example of a mutation of the concept of scientific publication
that can be enacted to foster new forms of knowledge sharing and education

We strongly encourage participation of all yasminers also at this
meta-discussion, as we feel that it provides a valuable and active
opportunity to enact direct collaboration practices among all of us, across
sciences, arts and creativity: we will open the platform in just a couple of
days and we encourage criticism, suggestions and visions.

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