Thursday, February 10, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Nexst step publishing

Dear yasminers,
I would like to introduce myself and say thanks to Salvatore for
inviting me about this very interesting topic ³Next Step Publishing².

My name is Simone Arcagni, I live in Turin and Palermo and I am a researcher
in cinema and media at the University of Palermo (Italy). I am also a
journalist («Nòva - Il Sole 24 Ore», «Oxygen», «Tutto Digitale», «Close
up»). My topic is what I call ³postcinema² (this is my blog about it: or better what is social,
cultural, communicational ³landscape² after the ³age of cinema². So I have
great interest in new media and new technologies and also new models of
media fruition.

My research is about media architectures and urban screens, postmodern
cities and new technologies, locative media and virtual maps, web and
interactive cinema and audiovisual, looking at technologies, media, social
contest (above all, urban contest) and fruition.

I will post very soon a little statement about Next Step Publising. It is
about ³space² and I called it: ³Space: the final frontier²

³Digital creates space, it interweaves in real space and stratifies it. It
goes beyond and it augments, in all fields. Therefore the most significative
feature is creating space, expanded and augmented, inter-related and in
depth, usable in different media and displays. It deals with this spatial
dimension (that is a philosophical dimension as it not only involves the
fruition of texts but also the same way of thinking). Publishing also frees
itself from the technological chain of printing machinery (manual,
mechanical or digital) and it frees itself from paper support.²... To be


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