Thursday, February 3, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] contribution to around simulation II

Hi all,
Hi Jen, I thought I should make an intervention here because we do
extract models and simulation from our works w/experientiae electricae,
however, how can they be compared to research simulation.

therefore I enter the discussion from a different angle.

Simulation or mostly modelisation is mainly a process used for
understanding; isolating some chosen elements and reducing them to
managable size systems in order to prove the validity of a theory in a
controled research context, with all the contradiction this implies.

Simulation apears to conflict with reality hence it necessarily segments
and reemplaces it, recreates it

How ever, by simulating the researcher acts within reality, and refering
to Baudrillard as Annick says multiplication and independence gained by
simulacra tends to achieve disparition of reality and in our case,
simulation often acts as a trigger for the mind tending to overcome real
situation since it is usually clearly understandable and hence can be
apropriated. Simulation does take independance and impacts reality in

In all cases simulation takes place in an era and in a social context
and quite importantly lately in a mythology of power.

Is it the reason why it useful as a creative process?

Other cases is simulation out from the laboratory field, directly using
it as a creative situation simulating situation within a variety of
contexts and gather the data produced.

In those cases the simulation can be crazy absurd dadaist and generate
models associated to it that also have an equal impact.

After working a couple years on a multiuser system that assemblates the
rythms of several walking persons; my concern here will be between
simulation and creation.
The models issued from this system are live sound and live mapping of
social assemblage of people walking.

How ever it is live and directly responds to the social context it is
presented in, each time fully transformed would it be from the change of
situation parcours feeling context and all those modalities are clearly
felt in the models issued and in the documentation taken from the

The messiness of this projects gives it very little validity as an
understandable experience, and lets very little space for mystification
it is a live project that produces models the full situation and context
is each time differently scenarised. It is an act of creation.

n a t a c h a R o u s s e l
T. 33 (0)6 31 51 06 51
Experientiae Electricae

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