Monday, February 7, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Publishing: introduction of invited discussants

Dear Yasminers,

here below i introduce our colleagues who have been invited to discuss on
the subject of Next Step Publishing.

In the next message i will introduce the initial statement, but i first
wanted to introduce the discussants, as the initial statement is, in a way,
a synthesis of their practices, and of the scenarios that emerge from them,
which includes a series of truly insightful perspectives on the
possibilities for transformation of what we are now calling "publishing".

and so i am really happy and honored to introduce our dear friends and

Massimo Canevacci
Currently teaching at the universities in San Paulo and Florianopolis,
Massimo is a major researcher on anthropology of visual cultures and on the
concept of what he calls "design eXpanso" (expanded design), a meta-design
practice in which ubiquitous technologies enact interstitial spaces where
polyphonic cultural expression flourishes in unexpected forms. FakePress
collaborated with Massimo on a project called "Ubiquitous Anthropology": an
augmented reality system used on a research with the Bororo population in
Mato Grosso, experimenting tools and strategies to go beyond ethnographical
writing, enabling native, cross-cultural forms of expression for
anthropology. This theme is also at the base of the recent book
Ethnographic Writing", a collection of essays exploring potential
directions of ethnography with a special focus on its publishing practices.

Andrew Hudson Smith
Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith is a Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow in Urban
Planning and Geographic Visualization and Course Leader of the new MRes in
Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualization at the Centre for Advanced
Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London.
The main topics of his
research involve developing visual techniques for urban planning, three
dimensional city visualizations and public participation by means of
web-based systems using GIS and CAD. He has been instrumental in developing
CASA into a world leading research lab in the area of visualization and
transferring research into the commercial and private sector, most notably
through the recent Virtual London, GENeSIS and MapTube projects which he

Luca Simeone/FakePress
Luca is a cultural anthropologist and an interaction designer and carries
out research activities for FakePress and the University of Rome, La
Sapienza. He has recently edited the book "REFF, the reinvention of reality
through critical practices of remix, mashup, recontextualization and
reenactment". This book represents a milestone in the research of FakePress
Publishing as it materializes a technological platform and the
methodological and scientific approaches used to design it, that allow using
objects, architectures, bodies, geographical spaces and social networks as
spaces for publication.
Together with Luca, the entire team of FakePress
(Oriana Persico, Federico Ruberti, Cary Hendrickson) will initiate a stream
of discussion on the (potential) role of publishing houses in future
publishing scenarios and practices. 

Andrew Hudson Smith
Dr. Andrew Hudson Smith is a Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow in Urban
Planning and Geographic Visualization and Course Leader of the new MRes in
Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualization at the Centre for Advanced
Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London.

Simone Arcagni
Researcher at the University of Palermo, Journalist and Cinema expert,
Simone published a number of books on the main theme of "post cinema": after
the historical analysis of vision and of representation and fruition, Post
Cinema describes a series of practices and methodologies in which artistic
expression expands throughout other media and creates narratives that take
part in architecture and design.

Marc Garrett/Furtherfield
Marc is an artist with an extensive knowledge of network based arts and on
the possibilities for collaboration between sciences and artistic
experimentations. Marc leads the Furtherfield/Netbehaviour networks, where
around 15000 people among artists, hackers, activists and researchers in
humanities, design, engineering and architecture constantly discuss and
enact collaborative practices, including experiments in performative,
networked, participatory, p2p, ubiquitous publishing.

And please let me also introduce our colleagues who have agreed to
participate to the discussion, but to a limited degree (due to traveling and
faculty work which would make continuous participation difficult or at all
impossible to sustain). We value their contributions as representing truly
insightful frontiers in the areas of our discussion. And so i am very happy
to introduce:

Alessandro Aurigi
Director of the Architecture Department at Newcastle University. He focuses
on what he calls "augmented cities".

Mike Batty
Chairman at the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analisys (CASA).

Nina Czegledy
Senior Fellow, KMDI, University of Toronto, Canada
Adjunct Associate Professor, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Honorary Fellow, Moholy Nagy University of Arts and Design, Budapest,

We will also have some unexpected guests that will be joining into the
discussion, and you are all invited to actively participate.

Coming up: initial statement for the discussion.


Salvatore Iaconesi

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