Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] next step publishing


another strand on next step publishing, is the new emerging
field of 'Culturnomics", or the analysis of digital data to
analyse cultural developments

the most recent example of this work is of Jean Baptise
Michel and team who analysed 5 million digitised books

Science Journal 14 jan 2011 vol 331 p176

the tools they implement are the kinds of tools that I worked
on with mark beam and the straddle3 groupe in barcelona
in 1995 at our first attempts to develop a "stock market of ideas"

it is now possible for instance to analyse empirically how the
idea of 'next step publishing' is developing, watch the spread
of the idea through different on line and text communities

this is also part of 'data journalism', of which of course wikileaks
is but one example

Michel and colleagues plot the popularity for instance of various
thinkers through their being mentioned. Surprisingly Freud
remains in the english speaking literature the most prominent
, with darwin second.

What this means of course is one can start doing 'predictions'
by looking at trends in ideas that are being discussed, whether
they are gaining strength or not ( and of course this means
also there are new means of manipulation such as new
tools for censors)

Michel also looks at how one can by analysing the dissapearance
of terms find evidence for censorship - for instance the artist
marc chagall was on the forbidden list for the Nazis, and his
name disappeared from german literature, at the same time
as his name grew in reputation in the english speaking literature

they point out that one can analyse current on line data to
detect evidence of hidden censorship

so next step publishing =maybe we can start writing texts of
the future by just extrapolating the last 500 years of publishing !
Michel and colleagues can predict what words are becoming
more frequent, new words that are appearing etc

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