Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Publishing: FakePress Statement

Hi Avi, Marc & yasminers,
as Luca suggested, 'fakepress wants to question both this authority
and the idea that the moment of 'printing' / 'publishing' /'press' is
frozen in time and space. but, at the same time, we don't want to
abandon the idea and the role of publishers if seen in a more open

There is an interesting and somehow fascinating essay written by Bob
Stein related to this:

Here some illuminating toughts:
(Quoting B. Stein)

Locating discourse in a dynamic network doesn't erase the distinction
between authors and readers, but it significantly flattens the
traditional perceived hierarchy... If the print author's commitment
has been to engage with a particular subject matter on behalf of her
readers, in the era of the network that shifts to a commitment to
engage with readers in the context of a particular subject. [•••]
Readers will not have to take on direct responsibility for the
integrity of the content (as they do in wikipedia); hopefully they
will provide oversight through their comments and participation, but
the model can absorb a broad range of reader abilities and commitment.
Once we acknowledge the possibility of a flatter hierarchy that
displaces the writer from the center or from the top of the food chain
and moves the reader into a space of parallel importance and
consideration ... we can begin to redefine the roles of publisher and
Publishers and editors in the networked era have a crucial role to
play. The editor of the future is increasingly a producer, a role that
includes signing up projects and overseeing all elements of production
and distribution, and that of course includes building and nurturing
communities of various demographics, size, and shape. Successful
publishers will build brands around curatorial and community building
know-how AND be really good at designing and developing the robust
technical infrastructures that underlie a complex range of user
[Stein, B. (2008) A unified field theory of publishing in the
networked era. In Proceeding of the 2008 ACM workshop on Research
advances in large digital book repositories. Napa Valley, California

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