Friday, February 11, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Next Step Publishing

salvatore and next step publishers

one of the projects i have been tracking for a number of
years is the work of jon ippolito at the university of maine
with his

<>stuff of interet rises to the top
of the pool in response to
community activity|184


In the Art Pool, you can find interesting projects in any of these ways:

- *Approval*: The vertical position of the project tells you whether the
community has rated it high or low.
- *Recognition*: The horizontal position of the project tells you how
many reviews it has received.
- *Volume*: The size of the title reflects how many versions have been
produced for that project.
- *Intent*: Mouse over a project title to read the first few lines of its

Click on the *Open Menu* button at upper right to access these controls:

- *Filters*: Show only projects that match a given author, subject, or
license (or a combination of these).
- *Graph*: Adjust The Pool's layout engine to favor legibility or
- *Search*: Type a few letters into the search box to filter by title.

Click on a title to open its *Project Information Panel*, which gives you
access to:

- *Information*: Read more about the project's contributors, subjects,
and license terms.
- *Versions*: Click on the boxes at left to choose among various intents,
approaches, or releases.
- *Reviews*: Click on the review tab to read reviews, or click "review
this version" to add your own (requires login).
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