Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] Next step

Hi yasminers,

I would like to introduce in to debate about publishing Ubik (

Ubik is a little project by ComplotVideoBase
(http://www.complotvideobase.com/ubik/regolamento.html) developed in
Palermo, a city that has stratified history, architecture, urbanistic forms
and languages. Palermo has guested crossroads more or less invasive.
Ubik is a shared space, a social and partecipated site where users are
called to ³post² 1 minute videos on Palermo. The goal is to create an
³emotional map² of the city, to add to the real map of the city, a
partecipate, shared, audiovisual and virtual map. A crossroad of texts,
historical, cultural, archtectonic stratified. Palermo becomes a publishing
project that overlaps real and virtual space. A space that is in motion,
expansive, shared and partecipated.
It may appear as a provocation speaking about publishing and take for
example a site, a social network... but that¹s the point! Texts, today, find
new forms and entrust them to different supports, different kinds are
expanding in hybrydization among different languages. It seems almost
impossible (and practically useless) to distinguish or accept the
³classical² categories.
The ³emotional map² of Palermo is a text and a iper-text, for dis-located,
not-linear, not-chronological, shared, partecipated storytelling, without an
author. The fruition is partecipated, ³haptic² more than ³optical² (Giuliana
Bruno, Atlas of Emotion. Journeys in Art, Architecture, and Film, Verso,
London-New York, 2002).

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