Friday, June 12, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Art and Atoms: Fusion and Fission

Hello yasminers.

First of all, I would like to thank Guillermo for his invitation to this
discussion about arts and atoms, and to comment and share part of my work
also. Such a nice guy.

First of all, I would like to say everything is connected somehow in my
opinion. This search of relations is what allows me to open my mind and
play (very important concept in arts). Between atoms, its interactions,
properties, features and what we can see, what surrounds us, what we are,
it exists connections. Everything is connected, directly or indirectly.

Regarding to the term nanorealism, this is a concept I have developed due
to all contradictions and superficiality around the nanoart concept I
found. Something similar between Pop art developed in USA and European
Nouveau Réalisme of Klein, Arman, Manzoni o César. Same purpose but
radically opposite ways. Pop art was always far more direct and it had
lighter visual concept, closer to mass perception. However, interests
around Europe were not the same, but manners were different. They wanted
to go back to reality in opposition to abstract painting lyricism but
avoiding the figuration in arts; offering a new vision of the world around
them. That's, more or less, what is happening here with term
"nanorealism", taking more reference from concept than shape, from content
than container. In my opinion, someone who takes an electronic sweep photo
and then colours it in photoshop or uses real images of the matter in
nanometric scale is not enough. Artists may arouse new sensations in
people, to show how we sense or perceive the world with a personal point
of view and different from any other, that is why I see much more
interesting to deal with concepts directly, like going into the matter and
energy properties and phenomenon in a nanometric scale to communicate
feelings, perceptions or situations which can be found in our human being
scale, for example.

A good example to visualize what I'm saying is the atomic fusion and
fission. Why to present fusion instead of represent it? In the great
majority of artistic art pieces which talk about this topic is visualized
the typical huge mushroom shape as the produces by the explosion. In arts
world, would it not be better to work, think and go into fusion and
fission concept in depth to produce an art piece? Why not to take the
meaning of union, unification to communicate fusion? This thinking could
drive us into interdisciplinarity, or even better, into multidiscilinarity
expressed in an only art piece to communicate fusion concept. The
execution of an art piece using several artistic disciplines together
would bring the concept of fusion into a different scale, keeping original
concept. Conceptually, as thinking in the Theory of Everything, which
tends to unify and connect, or to fusion, in just one theory all physic
phenomena or fundamental interactions in nature: gravity, the strong
nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, and the electromagnetic force.
Would it not be the biggest example of fusion?

Personally I consider the concept of fission is present in my job, but
instead of divide a heavy core in two or more small cores, plus some
derivatives, I prefer to be focus on molecules, because the way to talk
about a molecule is to deconstruct, or fission, until I get primary
components, and from that point I build a personal imaginary. That is why
I feel identify with the topic of the discussion somehow.

I will follow the discussion attentively and visiting posts you all
attach, due to there are so interesting.


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