Saturday, June 27, 2009


"Praxis: Art in times of uncertainty»
Main programme
May 24 - September 27 2009

Rubber sculptures representing human figures that inflate and deflate as
though they were breathing are presented by Cesar Martinez at Bezesteni.
Mircea Cantor is bringing a flying carpet driven by "Airplanes and Angels"
from Romania which finds its place on the ceiling of the entrance to
Warehouse C. Women's perfumes made by a French perfume maker based on the
scent of women's hair, without any chemical processing, soak the fabrics of
Macia Oswaldo at Bazaar Hamam (Louloudadika), interpreting "10 Notes for a
Human Symphony", the title of the work of art. More than 500 aluminum cans
placed in concentric circles, moving counter clock-wise at Warehouse C, a
work by Kader Attia, reminding the style of pilgrimage. "Celestial Radio", a
radio station that will broadcast while sailing in the Thermaic Gulf and in
fact, from on board a ship/work of art whose hull is covered with thousands
of microscopic pieces of mirrors. Poultry fattening cells, reminding a house
of parliament or the private theaters of our life are presented by Mary
Zygouri at the Paradeisos Baths. A semi-transparent mesh structure made from
more than 200 stockings by Maria Ezcurra welcomes visitors slightly before
the entrance to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. A symbol of
femininity that engages in dialogue with the "Planted Saw" in the outdoor
area of the Museum.

These are some of the works of the 57 artists and groups from Greece and
abroad who will be exhibiting their work in the main programme of the 2nd
Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art. It deserves to be noted that a
large number of these works of art were produced by the 2nd Biennale and are
being displayed in a world premiere in Thessaloniki. The curators of the
main programme of the Biennale are Bisi Silva (assistant curator: Domna
Gounari), Gabriela Salgado (assistant curator: Areti Leopoulou), and Syrago
Tsiara (assistant curator: Domna Gounari). The works of the artists will be
displayed in the following venues: Warehouse C, Warehouse 13, the Old Cold
Storage and Pumping Station Buildings of the Port of Thessaloniki, Outdoor
areas of the Port, the Bezesteni, the Bookstore of the Cultural Foundation
of the National Bank of Greece(MIET), the Bazaar Hamam (Louloudadika), the
Bey Hamam (Paradeisos Baths), the Atrium of the Museum of Byzantine Culture,
the Atrium of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the Teloglion
Foundation of Art of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Agioritiki
Estia (Nedelkos Building), outdoor areas of the city, and the Bar-Restaurant
.ES. The openings at the specific venues will take place on May 24 and the
public will be able to visit the exhibitions until September 27.

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Dr. Dimitrios Charitos
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and Media Studies
National and Kapodistrian University of

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