Wednesday, June 10, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: artists and atoms: fission and fusion


thanks for taking us in a new direction ! about ITER as a research
facility in haute provence and its architectural design

provence of course has a very long history of hosting research
communities !!! one of the most beautiful " research" facilities here
is the cisterian abbey of Senanque !! it was founded in 1148

monasteries in provence of course not only served as religious
institutions, but housed the libraries and copyists that transmitted
knowledge for generations

in the middle ages, monasteries were in a network of travellers
througout europe, they werent as well connected as the internet
but news travelled very quickly.

Provence is also known as a fertile ground for religious 'heresies"
and free thinking- the religious wars were particularly bloody here.

so its interesting to think of ITER as a reseach facility in provence
within the cultural history of monastic centers as centers of research
and documentation and free thinking !


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Roger and Co.

This is really makes me think of the mapping and imaging of
the nanoscale. But I suppose that takes us away from the nuclear/atomic and
fission/fusion topic. As a historian, I am less familiar with this seemingly
avant-garde approaches to melding art and nuclear science. With regard to
ITER - I would imagine an important aspect of it would be the simple one of
aesthetics in terms of how one plunks down such a large facility in the
French countryside. What efforts will be made, architecturally, so that it
blends in? This makes me think of the aesthetics connected to the building
of Fermilab:

L. M. Lederman, ŒŒWilson and Fermilab,¹¹ in Aesthetics and Science:
Proceedings in Honor of Robert R. Wilson (Batavia: Fermilab, 1979), pp.

These are just a few points of reference; the new book on Fermilab by
Hoddeson, et al. discusses Robert Wilson's vision for a "lab on the prairie"
in more detail.


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