Thursday, June 25, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] artists and atoms: fission and fusion


I'm curious to see the evolution of this month's articles - from nuclear
things (bombs, ITER, et al.) to discussions about the nanoscale. And, like
Roger, I am surprised at the invisibility of cold fusion. To this, we might
add some of the "artistic" ideas people had in the 1960s for geoengineering
using nuclear weapons (in the US, under Project Plowshare). One of the most
ambitious/crazy ones was suggested by Edward Teller - that of using
thermonuclear weapons to excavate a harbor in Alaska in the shape of a polar
bear. For those interested:
Scott Kirsch, Proving Grounds: Project Plowshare and the Unrealized Dream of
Nuclear Earthmoving (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2005).

One wonders what Christo would have thought...


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