Monday, June 15, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] From Lea Guzzo - introduction

>From: Léa Guzzo <>
>Sender: <>
>To: <>
>Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 17:10:55 +0000
>Dear colleagues,
>I am Léa Guzzo, half French - half Italian
>living in the UK. I have been following Yasmin's
>discussions for a long time and I thought it was
>now the right time to introduce myself.
>Intern in an international mathematics lab in
>France (Institut Elie Cartan, Nancy), I
>discovered the fascinating world of scientific
>labs. Couple of years later, I studied Fine Art
>at Central Saint Martins (London) while I was
>still involved in mathematics and sciences. My
>career in Art Management started to become
>prominent and I became interested in the models
>of artists-in-labs, especially the
>interdisciplinary arts policies in Europe which
>have been considered in the process of designing
>models or frameworks of such type of projects.
>My interests in that matter have grown so much
>in the past years that I decided to start a PhD
>in the UK on that subject in October 2009. (see
>summary below)
>I am looking to find potential external
>supervisors who will able to support me during
>this long research process and to complete the
>team. Ideally you would have been engaged in the
>artists-in-labs process as an artist, scientist,
>funder or arts manager. So please if you are
>interested, don't hesitate to contact me to
>discuss it further. There is no need for you to
>live in the UK and I am pretty flexible on that
>matter as I just want to find the right people.
>Otherwise, if any of you know where I can apply
>for funding to support the cost of this PhD,
>that would be fantastic! Please don't hesitate
>again to contact me on my personal email address.
>I will be present at the "Eye of Storm" at Tate
>Britain on the 19th and 20th and thought it
>would be a good idea to introduce myself
>beforehand. I hope to meet a lot of you there to
>discuss further our common interests.
>All the best,
>Léa Guzzo
>'The main purpose of my Mphil-PhD is to study
>the different models and frameworks of visual
>artists-in-residence in scientific laboratories
>in Europe. I would like to examine them through
>an arts management's perspective. I will
>emphasize the geo-political context of these
>artists-in-labs (AIL) programmes, especially the
>arts policies which have been considered in the
>process of designing models or frameworks of
>such type of projects.'
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