Friday, June 12, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Art and Atoms: Fusion and Fission

Dear Yasminers,

I have been following this very interesting discussion but
could not find the time to send anything yet. Actually, I am
not terribly knowledgeable on this topic, apart from the
work of 2 artists that did interesting works related to
Chernobyl, I can send a short note if you like.

My question today is in a different area.

Gabrielle Decamous wrote:

> To come back to ITER itself and after reading the way in which Roger
> described it, it seems to be a fantastic project, definitely bringing
> great hopes for a cleaner (safer??) source of energy put together by an
> international community of scientists. But as Guillermo and Lucy pointed
> out, and as we discussed before, nuclear science has its own lot of
> controversial experiments that renders it difficult to ignore, making it
> difficult to become purely enthusiastic.

I am very interested in the medical use of radioactivity.
After all, Marie Curie worked in this field to find ways to
cure people (or am I wrong ?).

Radioactivity is used to cure cancer (and it has its bad
side when the machines are not tuned correctly as it
happened in France recently with many patients burned, hurt,
some even dying of it if I remember correctly.), it is also
used in scanners and other imagery making machines.

I had a scanner once and also a RMI. I found those machines
absolutely fascinating, and also the body feeling of the
product they inject you.
They give you the feeling of being really high tech machines
with high tech science, almost Sci-Fi sometimes. And they
make an amazing noise that could be used in sound piece or
that are sound pieces of their own.

I don't know artworks related to this medical use of
radioactivity. Do you ? This is something I am very
interested in. In medical uses, it is, so to speak,
radioactivity at its best. And it is never discussed.

From a personal note, I come from a region in France, where
there are mines of the raw stone from which uranium can be



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